Summer Reading Challenge

summer reading challenge

Have you got a plan yet for keeping your children reading throughout the long vacation? My summer reading challenge is simple. I have challenged my boys to read one book a week and write a book review for each book once they have completed it. If they achieve that, they will get quite a substantial monetary reward at the end of the holidays (enough to buy many, many thousands of Rainbow Loom bands - their latest craze!).

In order to choose the books, I first selected around 16 books for each child of suitable difficulty and length. I then let them flick through the books and decide on 8 books which they wanted to put on their summer reading list (our vacation is 8 weeks long).

We listed the books on this Summer Reading Challenge Book List and stuck the list on their bedroom wall as a prominent reminder:

Once a book is finished, the child must complete a book review. You can download the Book Review template here:

Simple, but hopefully it will be effective. I wish your kids a successful summer of reading!

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