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I am always interested to hear what my friends list as their top children's books.

I may have different taste from them in terms of clothes or soft furnishings, but if a book makes it to their Top 10, I feel pretty sure that my children will like that book too.

Lists of Top 10 children's books (or Top 50 or Top 100) can provide great inspiration in choosing that next gem to read to your child.

Fortunately we don't have to just rely on our friends to help us on this one. There are plenty of other trustworthy sources out there which are willing to share their top children's books with us too.

Some books feature regularly on these lists, such as these classic Children's Picture Books and Children's Novels. However you can be sure to find other lesser known suggestions also, which may be just right for your child. Below you can find some of my favourite lists of the best children's books available.

The New York Public Library Recommended Reading Lists

The New York Public Library has produced various book lists of top children's books. There are book lists organised by grade level and also some specific subject-related lists, such as Dinosaurs and Princesses. A picture of the book cover and a short description is given for each book.

National Education Association's Teacher's Top 100 Books

The National Education Association, a US labor union committed to advancing the cause of public education, compiled a Teacher’s Top 100 Books for Children based on an online survey completed in 2007. An earlier list of 100 Best Books was also selected in 1999, and the books in this list are organised by recommended reading age.

Publishers Weekly Best-Selling Children's Books of All Time

Publishers Weekly, the US book publishing and bookselling magazine, periodically compiles figures from publishers of children's books which have sold significant numbers of copies over the years. The latest list of top children's books was compiled at the end of 2000 and lists hardcover books selling more than 750,000 copies in the US since initial publication, and paperbacks selling more than one million copies. You are more likely to find picture books in the hardcover list.

Parents' Choice Best 25 Books of 25 Years

Established in 1978, Parents’ Choice is America's oldest nonprofit guide to quality children's media and toys. A committee of parents, teachers, librarians and critics compiled this list of the best 25 books published in the last 25 years for children up to 9 years old.

Junior Magazine's Top 100 Children's Books

The UK parenting magazine, Junior, has put together a list of Top 100 Children's Books based on the votes of its readers. It includes picture books to read aloud as well as books for older children to read themselves. The list includes a picture of the cover of each book and a brief description of the story.

The Telegraph’s 100 Books Every Child Should Read

The Telegraph newspaper in the UK has selected a list of 100 Books Every Child Should Read. The books are divided into three sections: early years, middle years, and early teens. A brief description is given for each book.

The Guardian’s Classic Children’s Library

The Guardian newspaper in the UK has compiled two lists of top children's books which you should buy if you want to build a classic children’s library. Twenty three books are selected for the youngest readers in Classic Children’s Library: 0-3. A further forty one books are chosen in the Classic Children’s Library: 4-7, with books being categorised into specific age ranges - 4 upwards, 5 upwards, 6 upwards and 7 upwards. In both lists a synopsis is given of each book.

Top 100 Children's Books of All Time from

This is another interesting list of top 100 children's books which also includes a brief review of each book and a picture of the cover for quick browsing.

Weekly Bestseller Lists

Lists of current bestselling children's picture books are published weekly by Publishers Weekly and by the New York Times. It is worth being a little wary of these lists since they also include merchandise books, written about TV or film characters, which tend not to be of a very high quality. These types of books can gain significant sales in the short term because of their easy availability in supermarkets, grocery stores and large discount chain stores. However, they are unlikely to provide the quality read you are looking for.

Amazon Bestseller Lists

Amazon updates its bestselling children's books hourly on for the US and for the UK, although it is not possible to split these bestselling lists by age of reader.

Goodreads Lists

Goodreads also has some interesting lists created by subscribers to this site. One of my favourites is Favorite books from my childhood.

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