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I was thrilled recently to see my son pick up a pen and start writing enthusiastically without even being asked. What had inspired this literary outburst? What else other than his latest craze - Pokemon cards. His self-devised Pokemon writing activities kept him busy for hours, and provided lots of opportunities to work on improving his spelling.

My son still spells very much using invented spelling. This is one of the predictable stages which most children pass through when they learn how to spell. It is a valuable stage because it requires your child to isolate the individual sounds in the words and select appropriate letters to represent each sound.

I am keen, however, that at 7 years old my son starts to spell common words using more conventional spellings. One of the best ways to provide spelling help to your child is to encourage them to write more. The more your child writes, the more they will be forced to think about how to spell words and so the better they will spell.

Keep reading to find out more about my son's Pokemon writing activities.

Creating Pokemon Cards

Pokemon writing activities

In this first activity my son started inventing and drawing his own Pokemon cards. Drawing around a real Pokemon card and then cutting out the resulting rectangle, he created a new blank card. First he would think of a new name and then draw a picture of this new Pokemon. Underneath the picture he would write a description of the battle features of the Pokemon. On the reverse side of the card he drew the standard Pokemon design.

One of the good things about this writing activity was that a number of the same words cropped up frequently on different cards (e.g. use, energy, want, when) which meant that I could gently point out any spelling errors on one card, and he could then correct these errors on the next card and reinforce the correct spelling on subsequent cards. The small amount of writing on each card, and the combination of drawing and writing, kept the activity fun and motivating for my son. And the resulting creations are a lot cheaper than buying new Pokemon cards!

Creating a Pokemon User Guide

Pokemon writing activities 3

Obviously frustrated by his parents' complete inability to grasp what Pokemon cards are all about, my son decided to create a sort of Pokemon User Guide to explain the key features of a few of his favourite cards (as far as he understands them - I get the impression that this thing is a whole lot more complicated than he realises.)

First he created a simple book by folding three pieces of paper in half and stapling them together. We have done writing activities which involve making books in the past, and he loves this first stage of making the book. Then he photocopied 10 of his favourite Pokemon cards, cut them out and stuck one on the top of each page of his book. Underneath each card he wrote a dummies guide to the key aspects of the card (strength, type, lives). Again, there was a lot of repetition of certain words which provided a great opportunity to get the spelling of these words right.

So there you are, two simple writing activities to encourage writing based on Pokemon cards, and both completely invented by my son with no guidance from me at all.

Your child may not be into Pokemon cards, but they could create a similar sort of User Guide for any collection, using photos of their collectable objects on each page and a description below.

Just another way of trying to get your child writing...

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